Christmas Programs with a Twist

Christmas Programs With A Twist


Brief Description:

Nine simple-to-produce plays and pagents. Intergenerational.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 1994 30 PP. Paper


Content: A real favorite. Ten stories which can be used as the basis for a Christmas program. Use one per year to add variety to your First-day program. Contains the following stories:

1. Angels’ Night Off
2. First Christmas
3. No Room at the Inn
4. On a Wintry Hill
5. Peace in the Stable Yard
6. Shop on the Corner
7. Snowstorm on Christmas Eve
8. Trip to Bethlehem
9. Wise Men
10. Donkey Parade

Age Range: Intergenerational. Works with a small group but can be expanded to use as many people as desired.

Preparation Time: Two or three weeks to present a completed play. The introduction (prologue) explains the production process for anyone who has not produced a Christmas program before.

Number of Lessons: There are 10 plays from which to choose. Each play takes two or three weeks to produce a completed Christmas program.

Activities: These include discussion questions, games, writing your own parables, role plays, collages, cooking, planting, songs, other crafts.

Supplies/Equipment: Sets and costumes as desired and a place to perform the finished production.

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