Celebrating the Seasons

Celebrating The Seasons

Ideas For First Day Schools


Brief Description:

Add exctiement to winter doldrums and entice youth to meeting in the spring.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 1994 31 PP. Paper


Content: Curriculum ideas for each season of the year. It is great for use in small or new First-day schools.

Age Range: Ages 5 – 13 years, with several activities included exclusively for parents and teachers.

Preparation Time: Time varies with each lesson. Books and supplies will need to be gathered each week.

Number of Lessons: There are nine lessons which could take nine or more weeks. Each lesson stands alone for the various seasons, religious or secular holidays.

Activities: These include art projects, cooking, play acting, role playing, service projects, and worship.

Supplies/Equipment: Supplies vary with the lesson. A Bible and the book Candles in the Dark are needed.

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