Brothers & Sisters All

Brothers And Sisters All

Special Projects For First Day Schools


Brief Description:

Projects include: Who is My Family?, Caring for One Another in Families, Honoring Differing Gifts in Families, Resolving Conflicts in Families, and Celebrating the World Family of God. Grades 1-HS.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 1997 40 PP. Paper


Content: Originally prepared for the PYM Children’s Program, this packet helps children see importance of living with our brothers and sisters, practicing our Quaker testimonies so we can live constructively and peacefully in the world.

Age Range: Ages 3 – 18 years, and adults

Preparation Time: Requires preparation ahead for crafts and gathering reading material.

Number of Lessons: There are five chapters with 20 sections which can be used throughout the year.

Activities: These include discussion questions, crafts, games, cooking, and service projects.

Supplies/Equipment: Depends on the activities selected: TV/VCR, kitchen facilities, transportation for field trips.

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