Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Children and Youth at Yearly Meeting Committee, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Religious Education Committee, 1989, 84 pp.


Content: Defines peace and Friends’ peace testimony, explores ways to develop the peace testimony and peace making skills; introduces concepts of world peace using the Edward Hicks picture, “Peaceable Kingdom”.

Age Range: Ages 5 – 18 years and adults.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes to assemble materials and practice making the crafts.

Number of Lessons: There are five units plus an introduction and resource section; 2 weeks per unit.

Activities: These include cooking, making tee shirts and banners, games discussions, singing, service projects, role playing, writing, and crafts.

Supplies/Equipment: A Bible, craft supplies, kitchen, globe, miscellaneous items for games, the Edward Hicks picture “Peaceable Kingdom” (can be found in A Peaceable Season, in the PYM Library and in many other sources.)

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