Progress: April 29

Implementation Committee

Implementation Committee met to discuss the next steps for the committee. We reviewed our timeline and find that we are on schedule – hooray!

We reviewed our progress on the following tasks:

  • Informing working groups and committees that all current structures will be laid down on 30 September. Friends are attached to their work and are engaged in very good work, and so these conference calls are delicate. Some friends are seeing this as an exciting opportunity and are asking what will come next.
  • Creating the Grants Committee. The Grants Committee Task Group is in the process of naming people to the Interim Grants Committee and is receiving information that they requested from granting groups.  They are on track to have the names for the Grants Committee go to Nominating Committee for review at the end of May.
  • Naming at-large Nominating Committee members: Implementation needs to name a minimum of seven people; we are continuing to gather possible names with a particular focus Friends who are younger, farther from Philadelphia or a person of color.

In order to be able to communicate a clear vision of our future structure, we affirmed that continuing to define the substructures is our top priority and planned two meetings to continue that work.