Progress: April 19

Implementation Committee

The Implementation Committee met to begin creating what we are calling the “substructures” of the new plan. These substructures are the various ways Friends across PYM can connect and collaborate with each other on shared concerns and leadings. The vision of Re-Kindling Our Fire is to free up everyone’s energy and creativity to bring about the kinds of change in our society and the world that reflects our testimonies.

Members of the Implementation Committee have held conference calls with all clerks of the Standing Committees and most of the Working Groups to explain that all Standing Committees and Working Groups will be laid down officially by September 30, 2015, if not sooner. Notable exceptions are Granting Groups whose work must continue. A summary report from each Standing Committee and Working Group will help the Administrative Council and Quaker Life Council discern the next set of priorities for PYM.

The Implementation Committee remains ever-mindful of the amazing contributions so many volunteers have made to our spiritual community and beyond. We also know our commitment and energy have not waned and will rise again in the new structure. Our fire will indeed be re-kindled!