What’s in an event fee? Price change for Young Friends and Middle School Friends events

Middle School Friends, Young Friends

The pricing of Young Friends and Middle School Friends gatherings are intended to cover the basic costs of running the event – some of which are food and other supplies, paying workshop leaders, transportation of supplies and volunteers there and back, transportation of participants while we’re together (sometimes relevant) as well as any costs associated with using the space itself. (Staff time at the event or preparing for the event is not covered by gathering fees). In 2012 after years of consistently bringing in more than was used, Young Friends program staff decided to lower the base price of a weekend from $85 to $65. Shortly after, the cost was lowered again to $60 to be consistent with the Middle School Friends program.

A lot has changed since 2012! Many of our regular costs have increased, leading to slightly overdrawn program budgets. Additionally, staff have determined that it would be helpful to have more of a cushion so that when unexpected opportunities arise, the programs can consider engaging them with less cost-consciousness. With these considerations in mind, Young Friends and Middle School Friends staff have decided to change the cost of events to $75 for a weekend event and $95 for the 3-night Christmas gathering.

It remains a priority of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to make these gatherings accessible to everyone who is interested in attending. That’s why our full and partial financial aid options are there – for anyone who needs them to have access! This financial flexibility is made possible in part by the Sergei Thomas fund and the Haley Yarmark fund, which both memorialize Young Friends who died before their time (1948 and 2007 respectively). Making use of this financial aid commemorates these Friends, so please continue to draw on this resource as it is useful to you!

Some gatherings will not follow the above pricing model. The cost of Young Friends and Middle School Friends gatherings at Camp Swatara is arranged by Caln Quarter, which organizes the larger Camp Swatara Quaker weekend. Annual Sessions’ costs are also particular to that event, and the Young Friends Camp Onas Gathering price is staying consistent at $320, as it has continued to create small surplus at that rate. For any further questions, please email youngfriends@pym.org or middleschoolfriends@pym.org.