In service to the meeting, finance committee members or meeting treasurers are responsible for asking Friends to give. The work of tending to monthly meeting finances and asking members to give can be supported by the sharing of best practices among meetings.  The Finance Threadletter is a way to share experience and resources with one another.

How to Contribute

Share news of your meeting’s work,  ask for help from others or let Friends know about an upcoming event by submitting information and stories to the threadletter blog; click below. You can also share ideas for the featured stories in the Threadletter.  To contribute, contact the Associate Secretary for Program & Religious Life at or 215-241-7008.

hand-with-plantUse your capabilities and your possessions not as ends in themselves but as God’s gifts entrusted to you. Share them with others; use them with humility, courtesy and affection.

Faith & Practice



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cpmmMonthly meetings large and small rely on financial support from members and attenders in order to meet their budgets and carry on the work of the meeting. Different meetings ask for financial support in different ways – some send letters and emails, some make announcements at meeting for business, some have stewardship committees, some depend on the treasurer to take care of it all. In this Threadletter, two meetings of different sizes and situations report on their experiences.

Message from the Field: Fundraising Initiatives at two Monthly Meetings

ResourceOnline, Credit Card, and Recurring Gifts to Monthly Meetings

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