Communications & Outreach

This Threadletter helps Friends concerned with inviting others into our community and exploring how to support the communications infrastructures we use for outreach and in-reach.

How to Contribute

Share news of your meeting’s work,  ask for help from others or let Friends know about an upcoming event by submitting information and stories to the threadletter blog; see below. You can also share ideas for the featured stories in the Threadletter.  To contribute, contact the Associate Secretary for Program & Religious Life at or 215-241-7008.

Getting Into a New Meeting

ben_00023Benjamin Camp, Children’s Religious Life Program Coordinator, reflects on his transition from membership of Norristown Meeting to one closer to his present residence. …Benjamin finds that newcomers of whatever level of experience with Quakerism, per se, need to be intentionally encouraged. What makes a meeting truly welcoming is more than extending a hand and a smile. Read the full article. 

Participate in a New Network!

To join the new Communications & Outreach Network, email us at

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Newspaper of New Zealand

Meetings invite seekers to join them on their journeys. Read the full article.

Read through some tips for writing for newspapers and increase the profile of our community.

Newtown Meeting reaches out to their young adult Friends.

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