Threadletter Archives

threadlettersPYM Threadletters are for Friends active in particular threads of concern that run through our yearly meeting community. The Threadletters help bring Friends together across local Quaker communities. They allow us to share the work in which we engage, the wisdom among us, and the resources that support us. In the blog pages housed here, we have archived all of the full Threadletters and also highlighted some of the stories in them for your perusal. Enjoy!

Threadletters Include:

circle-threadA primary story could be a message from the field, a reflection from experience, an artistic expression of Quaker Faith & Practice, a video, etc.

yellow-threadA resource accompanies the primary story. It features something of use to Friends active in the newsletter’s thread. It could be a website, a book, a tool, a curriculum, etc.

calendarThe calendar lists upcoming events in the yearly meeting of interest to the newsletter readers. It also includes items from other Quaker organizations such as Pendle Hill and FGC.

bulletin-boardThe Bulletin Board provides a space for sharing upcoming events, resources and reports and stories from meetings about what they are doing.

PYM Thread Newsletters

“Threadletters” provide information, insight and connection for people interested in specific aspects of Quaker faith and practice. They are published by email two to three times a year. Below are links to blogs that highlight stories and resources that were published in each Threadletter. The blog pages offer more information about the focus of each Threadletter as well.