Newtown Meeting’s Holiday Invitation to Young Adult Friends

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Newtown Monthly Meeting heard from young adult friends that they wanted to be included in the life of the meeting,but also knew that many do not live near home so can’t serve on an active committee.  We have done outreach such as annual letters and a “homecoming” Sunday (first after Christmas) but they were poorly attended.

What I did notice is that many of the YAFs were home and attended our Christmas Eve candlelight service.  So Worship & Ministry started asking one of them to read the Bible passage for Christmas and Easter.  I have been amazed at how honored they are to be asked. They pull out the Bible we gave them in 4th grade.

Now, I think some of them anticipate and hope that they will be the one selected.  It may become another of those meeting rituals, like Bibles in 4th grade, Faith & Practice in 8th, babysitting in High School, and getting a Hicks Print at age 21.

The students we  have selected have all been out of high school, usually college-age.  I’ve chosen ones who have been active and who do visit on occasion.  We are fortunate to have so many young people in the meeting.

We want them to continue to feel this is their spiritual home until they find another.

Susan Hoskins is a member of Newtown Friends Meeting, Bucks County, PA.

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