Newtown Meeting Scavenger Hunt

Religious Education

About 35 members and attenders, from age 12 on up, gathered at Newtown Meeting to take up the Scavenger Hunt challenge.  We used the First Day School time to form up into teams of 2-4, with the instruction to have a young Friend and someone you did not know well on your team.  Each team reviewed the list of Scavenger Hunt items and picked one to pursue.  Some who brought wireless devices did research, while others interviewed each other or wandered the grounds to find the items that fit a challenge.  There was lots of chatter!

Near the end, the group gathered as a whole and each team reported one interesting thing they had discovered. Everyone in the room learned several new things about each other, our Meeting, and the wider world of Quakers.

Hopefully the recorders will turn in their discoveries! But in any case, it was one of the most fun intergenerational community-building activities we’ve done.  We have many new attenders this year, so it was a great way to get to know each other.