Time to Gather: Multicultural Audit Steering Committee First Meeting

Multicultural Audit Steering Committee

Stepping into opportunity, ministry, and service as time and talent are put to positive, meaningful use.

Invite to the first converging of the Multicultural Audit Steering Committee!

Thank You Many Times Over for being willing to invest your

TIME, TALENT, & TESTIMONY to PhYM’s Multicultural Audit Steering Committee

Time & Date: Saturday, December 9, 2017, 11 AM-2 PM (catered lunch provided*)

Location: ARCH Street Meeting House, 320 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA 19106

Stepping into opportunity, ministry, and service as time and talent are put to positive, meaningful use.
The adjoining picture is of my foot, in red Converse All-Stars, on November 11, 2017, stepping on Ginkgo leaves that have perfectly blanketed the back end of the parking lot located at Arch Street Meeting House.

I entitled the picture, “Stepping into Opportunity” to commemorate the members of the Friends Historical Association approving me to serve a three-year term.

The week before, at the Arch Street Meeting House, I read each and every one of your names to those in attendance at the Morning Sessions of Continuing Sessions. I explained that we all agreed to serve the Quaker community in such an important, engaging work.

Do you know that we are stepping into an iteration of a nearly 200-year discussion among Friends?

In 1837, African-American Sarah Mapps Douglass, with white abolitionist Sarah Grimke, provided Grimke with information that Grimke would use in a statement about “The subject of prejudice against color amongst the Society of Friends in the United States.” Douglass conveyed she and her mother’s worship experiences. For a brief time, the Quakers created synergy around the issue. Douglass’ second cousin, Paul Bustill Robeson (yes, THE PAUL ROBESON) would claim Quaker heritage because struggle, agitation, FAITH, and LOVE centered his family’s faith. Thus, we are stepping into the newest iteration of a concern among Friends. What a wonderful opportunity we have here. AMEN.

I selected Arch Street Meeting for our first meeting because of the steely determination of Grace Douglass to hold on to her faith in the face of bigotry. #WeAreRisingPYM.

Peace & Progress, tonya thames taylor, Clerk

*Catered by local woman & minority-owned business

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