Mourning the Passing of Penny Colgan-Davis


Dear Friends,

We are sad to report that our beloved clerk, Penny Colgan-Davis, passed away quietly in her sleep, last night.

Penny has been many places and done many things in a life of service to others as she followed divine leadings. A mentor, career teacher, school director, principal, head of school, faithful Friend in Germantown Meeting, and within PYM, loving daughter, spouse, and mother were just some of her callings in life. As PYM Clerk she led us in beginning to live into and embrace a new structure and corporate witness to end racism and white supremacy within PYM and beyond PYM.

The song Magic Penny comes to mind. Like a “magic penny,” she has touched many lives with love and spread it further and further across the earth. In each of our hearts, she will continue to do so.

We will report memorial plans as we learn them. In the meantime, please join us in holding John and Evan Colgan-Davis in the Light.

In loving prayer,

Amy Taylor Brooks, Interim- Clerk Quaker Life Council
Bruce Haines, Clerk of Administrative Council
Amy Kietzman, Alternate Clerk
Tom Hoopes, Alternate Clerk
Chris Lucca, Alternate Clerk
Melissa Rycroft, Clerk of Nominating Council
Andrew Anderson, Treasurer
Christie Duncan Tessmer, General Secretary