Online Giving Service

Greenwich-Meetinghouse-Phil-AnthonyThere is an easy way for Friends to give to their monthly or quarterly meeting!

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s donations webpage has a section for contributions to monthly and quarterly meetings.

This is a secure way to give online and is also an easy way to set up an automated recurring gift to a monthly or quarterly meeting.

Our yearly meeting is offering this service out of a desire to help monthly and quarterly meetings in their fundraising efforts. It is hoped that this will make it easier for members and attenders to give to their monthly or quarterly meeting.

Only meetings that want to be included in the Online Giving Service are listed on the donations webpage. Meetings can be added by contacting the PYM Director of Development.


-Donations can be by credit card or by ACH checking account withdrawal.
-Friends may make a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift.
-The frequency can be once, every other week, monthly, quarterly, twice yearly or yearly.
-Recurring gifts can be ongoing, or be limited to an end date or total gift amount.
-Friends will have direct access to independently change or cancel their gift at any time.
-Friends will receive an email receipt from Acceptiva, PYM’s online donations processor.
-PYM will send a quarterly check for the total amount that was donated to the monthly meeting.
-PYM will send a quarterly statement of the donor names and amount of the gifts.


-Friends can get to the donations page by clicking any of the green “Give Online” buttons on the PYM website. If you would like to send the direct link to meeting members, it is

-On the donations page, there are two sections for making a gift. The first is for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Contributions. Below that is the section for Monthly Meeting or Quarterly Meeting Contributions. If they so choose, members can give to both PYM and to the monthly/quarterly meeting in a single transaction

This is an image of the donation webpage with added yellow highlighting on the section for gifts to monthly or quarterly meetings.

This is an image of the donation webpage with added yellow highlighting on the section for gifts to monthly or quarterly meetings.

-Enter the Amount of the gift.

-Choose the Recurring Frequency in the drop down box (the default setting reads “One Time Only”).

-Select the Monthly or Quarterly Meeting from the drop down box (the default setting reads “please select”).

-After making a gift, Friends will see a confirmation page and will also receive an email receipt to the email address they provided when entering their gift. The email will come “from” Acceptiva, our online donations processor.

-If the gift was a recurring gift, Friends will receive an email receipt each time their gift is processed. These emails will contain a link to a page where they may change, suspend or cancel the recurring gift.

Security Information

In preparing to begin using an online donations page which could also be used by the monthly and quarterly meetings, PYM staff did extensive research on the various online giving providers and chose Acceptiva which is one of the most established, widely used and trusted providers for online giving.

Quoting from Acceptiva’s website: “Acceptiva is a VISA/MasterCard certified PCI DSS Service Provider. All Acceptiva pages are hosted on our PCI DSS compliant secure servers and all data is encrypted using 128 bit SSL, industry standard secure technology. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance requirements were developed by VISA/MasterCard and are enforced by Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) such as Security Metrics.” More information about Acceptiva can be found at

If you have additional questions about PYM’s policies and procedures to ensure the security of donor information, please contact the PYM Director of Development.