“Mimic the Quakers”—Modern-Day Quakerism Featured in Magazine

Communications, Outreach

By Kellie Schlussel-Edens

Not since the television show ER‘s episode “Shades of Gray” (season 4, episode 19) have I witnessed a depiction of Quakerism in modern day media. The writers of ER beautifully illustrated a Quaker Memorial Meeting for worship; not for long mind you, the scene lasted less than two minutes, but it exemplified Quakers in worship today. Often people whom I encounter think that Quakers are long gone and/or have something to do with that guy on the oatmeal box. I was pleasantly surprised to find as I was reading on the train a recent pronouncement of Quakerism in a top modern magazine. In the March issue of Real Simple, an article “Top 5 Ways to Make Mornings More Bearable” featured a Quaker tradition:

#2 Mimic The Quakers.

They have a wonderful phrase called ‘centering down.’ It’s about being silent and reflecting on life. They do it when they first gather in a meeting house. I try to start my day with 10 to 20 minutes of quiet time, where I read something from the Bible or Desmond Tutu or another writer I admire and pray for the needs of family, friends, or bakery customers. In the last few minutes, I think about what challenges I might face that day: personnel conflicts or business relation-ships I need to address. When I don’t have that morning quiet time and I just gulp down the day with no preparation, things always seem to be discombobulated.

—Gerald Matthes, founder of the Give Thanks Bakery & Cafe, in Rochester, Michigan. He lives in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.”

You can find and enjoy the full article here: http://www.realsimple.com/work-life/life-strategies/time-management/morning-routine-tips