Message from the Clerk


Interim Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends is charged with several key tasks on behalf our community.  One of them is approval of the General Secretary, the chief administrator of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.  This position holds responsibility for the executive leadership of our yearly meeting and oversight of all staff operations.

I am delighted to announce that we have successfully completed our search for a new General Secretary.

Under its charge, Interim Meeting has made several significant decisions over the course of the past year:

  • Approved the formation of a General Secretary Search Committee (3/9/13)
  • Received approval by Friends at Annual Sessions of members to be appointed to the General Secretary Search Committee )7/25/13)
  • Discerned and approved the General Secretary job description (10/12/13)
  • Considered and received ongoing status reports from the General Secretary Search Committee (October 2013 through April 2014).

At Interim Meeting on April 12, 2014, Friends prayerfully considered the candidate recommendation brought forth by the General Secretary Search Committee in the following minute:

The Philadelphia Yearly Meeting General Secretary Search Committee recommends that Christie Duncan-Tessmer be approved to be General Secretary starting August 25, 2014.

With joy, Interim Meeting approved the recommendation as presented.  Interim Meeting also laid down the General Secretary Search Committee with deep gratitude for their diligence and faithfulness in completing their work.

Christie is known to many of us through her ministry with youth programs. She currently serves our yearly meeting as Associate Secretary for Program & Religious Life. Christie is a strong and capable leader whose knowledge of the program and administration of our organization and understanding of our meetings will help to ensure a smooth transition.  Christie carries the skills, passion and blessings that will help our yearly meeting continue our transition towards the more vibrant faith community we are in the process of becoming.

Friends welcomed Christie at Interim Meeting with a strong expression of our excitement about her approval.  Please join me in congratulating her and the rest of our community at Annual Sessions this summer where we will formally welcome her to her new role.

Find out more about Christie Duncan-Tessmer!

In Peace,

Jada S. Jackson
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting