Meg Rose’s Next Steps

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Dear PYM Friends,

I am excited to announce that Meg Rose will begin serving as our Young Adult Engagement Coordinator on September 1, 2017. She has served as Interim YAF Co-Coordinator for the past few months and as Interim Children’s Religious Life Coordinator for the past year. Meg’s unique experience in supporting children, families, and young adults will help us as we build on our successes.

I have observed Meg’s brilliance, ability to hold many different needs in community, and her forward-thinking approach to the work of organizing communities.

Meg’s first priority will be to identify new funding sources so we can extend the Young Adult Engagement Coordinator position beyond the two year mark.

Alongside our Community Engagement Team, Meg and I will also make it a priority to train our focus on the margins of young adult community — young parents, young adults of color, young adults who are not enticed by the current set of offerings, and young adults who can’t make it out for evening fellowship in Philly or weekend-long retreats.

Lastly, with Meg’s leadership, we will now be able to develop a practice area within our burgeoning Resource Friends Program to support meetings and other local Quaker communities in becoming increasingly inclusive and empowering for young adult Friends.

With love and excitement,
Zachary T. Dutton
Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life