Middletown Preparative Meeting

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Bucks Quarter

Friends gathered for Fifth Day Worship this morning after a brief period of fellowship with and treats for the Meetinghouse horse. We met on the front porch of this pristine, historical Quaker gem on what was among the absolute finest of Spring days. This Meetinghouse has not had regular Worship for some years, save for the traditional gathering on Thanksgiving …

Darby Monthly Meeting

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Chester Quarter

There’s new life at Darby Meeting! After being shuttered for many years, Darby now meets on first- First days. I was delighted to be among nine Friends on this occasion, in deeply gathered worship. At the rise of Meeting there was a brief, informal business meeting that reviewed plans for an upcoming event with Bartram’s Garden (John Bartram is buried …

Downingtown Friends Meeting

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Caln Quarter

A caring and thoughtful meeting for worship. The day started with a well attended half-hour forum detailing volunteer efforts with prisoners. Meeting for worship ministered in a very caring way to a members issues with both thoughtful responses useful to all and a carefully selected bible verse or two. I almost finished counting attenders but stopped at 60. Following meeting …

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Upper Susquehanna Quarter

It was a very quiet and peaceful meeting on New Year’s Day! My Traveling Quaker Companion and I had a very nice worship with a small group of Friends at State College. — Jess Todd(Pennsdale Monthly Meeting)

Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting

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Philadelphia Quarter

This was my first visit and that was brought about by your hosting of the Middle East Collaborative. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. Your is also quite unique and the spirit of the meeting was uplift — James Slater (Abington Monthly Meeting) , January 8, 2017

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Southern Quarter

This was my second visit to Chester MM. Ten or eleven Friends attended. Outside, the maples were flaring yellow, and the leaves rustled underfoot whenever another Friend approached the front door. The Meeting room was warm and smelled of wood. Messages were brief and loving whether the words spoke of mourning or of joy. I felt a deep sense of …

Abington Monthly Meeting

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Abington Quarter

Yet another in a very enjoyable series of visits to various Meetings. Abington is clearly a vibrant faith community, and this visitor was welcomed warmly — Bill Heinemann (Newtown Monthly Meeting), April 17, 2016

Sadsbury Monthly Meeting

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Caln Quarter

I’ve been here at least twice before, so i had an idea of what to expect (last time being Sep 2015). I enjoyed my visit then too, more so this time. I love the rural setting of the Meeting, architecture, how the burial ground surrounds the Meeting & just the atmosphere of sitting in silence, praying, reading, listening to the …

Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting

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Philadelphia Quarter

Really good to visit Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting and educate about the BLM quilt. Loved that it was near nature. Nice to meet with ppl from another meeting. Surprised by how small it was compared to Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. — Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting Friends, October 30, 2016