Downingtown Friends Meeting

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Caln Quarter

A caring and thoughtful meeting for worship. The day started with a well attended half-hour forum detailing volunteer efforts with prisoners. Meeting for worship ministered in a very caring way to a members issues with both thoughtful responses useful to all and a carefully selected bible verse or two. I almost finished counting attenders but stopped at 60. Following meeting …

Sadsbury Monthly Meeting

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Caln Quarter

I’ve been here at least twice before, so i had an idea of what to expect (last time being Sep 2015). I enjoyed my visit then too, more so this time. I love the rural setting of the Meeting, architecture, how the burial ground surrounds the Meeting & just the atmosphere of sitting in silence, praying, reading, listening to the …

Reading Monthly Meeting

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Caln Quarter

Reading Friends were wonderfully warm and welcoming. We were in town for the Berks Jazz Fest and were pleased to discover how close the Meeting House was to our hotel. A very enjoyable morning. — Bill Heinemann (Newtown Monthly Meeting), April 10, 2016. Accompanied by: Linda Heinemann