Meeting our Muslim Neighbors.

Addressing Racism

The Lewes Worship Group in Southern Quarter recently hosted an evening to meet our Muslim Neighbors from the Islamic Center of Central Delaware. More than 80 people attended the event in the auditorium at Cadbury Lifestyles. Visitors included people from other Christian congregations and from the local Jewish synagogue. Three articulate and sensitive Muslims, two men who had been in the United States for as many as twenty-some years and ran a small construction company now and one woman, born locally in Sussex County and now a practicing dentist in the area told us about their faith and some of their experiences. The audience was mostly quite welcoming and appreciative of the opportunity to meet them; however, one audience member asked hostile questions and wanted to insist on holding the floor. The speakers responded gently. The most poignant part of their remarks centered on their sadness at the abuses sometime leveled at their children. There will be another meeting in a larger venue nearby soon, hosted by Methodists and Jewish adherents. We anticipate it will draw a full house, too. We highly recommend having such an event.