Looking Back on a Year of Junior Interim Meeting


The academic year is wrapping up, and with it the Junior Interim Meeting Program.  Family Overnight and Annual Sessions are still to come for the children’s program, but Junior Interim Meeting will pause till next year.


So how did it go?

Our priority this year had us volunteering at Historic Fair Hill, and area in North Philadelphia with open green space, a Quaker burial ground, and a community garden.  Jean Warrington, the Program Director and Bri Barton, the Garden Manager were our two most frequent hosts, though we had the opportunity to meet and spend time with a number of volunteers from the blocks surrounding the park.

Left to right: Jean supervises the garden, We hang out in trees, Bri explains the activities of the day.

There were lots of things we did to help the area stay beautful and welcoming to its neighbors.  We picked up trash, we raked leaves, and we stacked sticks.  We helped clear the garden, and prepared the compost pile.  And we planted a number of seeds and bulbs, including lettuce and garlic.

Historic Fair Hill is a great place for a business meeting.  We had several- discerning whether we should invite the whole yearly meeting to join us in March (we did), and whether it was appropriate to donate some of our funds to support our friend Bri, the Garden Manager, and her work at Fair Hill (it was.) And we played!  There’s a great rope swing at Fair Hill that we took advantage of.  When it snowed, our friends there brought out sleds for us to play with. Hide and seek was also a favorite.

 I hope you enjoy these stories and photos.  There are more photos of the children’s program in the galleries here.  Our Priority lasts till 2015, so we’re looking forward to another year at Fair Hill Burial Ground in the 2014-2015 academic year.  Hope to see you there!