Live Streaming Event: Join Christie & Oscar on the National Mall


PYM Friends Christie Duncan-Tessmer and Oskar Castro will be speaking at the ACT to End Racism Rally on the national mall on Wednesday, April 4 at 10:30, giving remarks after Rev. Jim Wallis speaks.

The full event will be live streamed at the following link:

Members of Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Native American and numerous other congregations from all over the United States will be joined by individuals from the Religious Society of Friends to convene a day of prayer, and mobilization on the National Mall in Washington DC. The cause is ambitious – putting an end to Racism – and the tools are simple; standing together, sharing words of inspiration, expressing contrition for complicity, and taking responsibility for change.

As invited speakers for this National Council of Churches event, PYM Friends Christie Duncan-Tessmer, General Secretary, and Oskar Castro, Social Justice Resource Friend for PYM and Director of Equity and Inclusion for Quaker Voluntary Service are sharing personal reflections and prayers at about 10:30 AM on April 4th. You can tune in to hear their remarks live, and know that members of our faith are present and hopeful for a better future.

The full program of events runs from 9AM-4PM – 50 years to the day on which Dr. Martin Luther King died.