Listen to PYM Friend Sydney Coffin Interviewed on WHYY’s Radio Times

Friends and Education

For centuries, Friends have sought to live their values in their every day lives. This WHYY Radio Times piece that aired yesterday demonstrates the positive impact one of our PYM Friends has had through his work.

Sydney Coffin is helping to shape PYM’s Public Education Collaborative (which is hosting a workshop at Annual Sessions), and previously helped run the 2012 Public Education Conference in connection with PYM. Sydney is a member of Germantown Friends Meeting, a graduate of Penn Charter, and has dedicated his professional life to teaching in the Philadelphia public school system. Every day, he supports and mentors his 12th grade English students through literature and poetry. His interview with Marty Moss-Coane ran yesterday on WHYY’s show Radio Times.

The program documents the real-life impact that education – and dedicated teams of mentors – can have on one student, and is just one example of the impact that caring Quakers like Sydney bring to the world in their everyday lives.

Listen to the July 19, 2017 Episode below:

Episode Description:

High school is already stressful and confusing enough. Add a being a new parent into the mix, and a troubled home life, and the task of graduating becomes gargantuan. Most who find themselves in this situation give up on school and try to find any job that would simply make ends meet. But today, we’re going to hear the story of SAVANNAH ZAYAS, a mother who overcame hardship and poverty by earning her diploma as a teen mother. Keystone Crossroads reporter KEVIN McCORRY’s new podcast, ‘Schooled,’ uses Zayas’ story as a lens to discuss the American public school system and joins us for the hour as well. Also joining us will be MAURA BERNT is the director of Youth Programs at Providence, a North Philadelphia nonprofit where Savannah worked, and SYDNEY COFFIN, Savannah’s English teacher.