Legislative Policy Collaborative

Questions for Candidates

Quakers have a long history of political engagement. As the midterm elections approach the Legislative Policy Collaborative encourages all Friends to engage in constructive dialogue with candidates — at Town Hall Meetings and via Letters to the Editor.

Questions for Candidates give nonpartisan guidance on issues Friends care about.


  • We Seek a World Free of War and the Threat of War.
  • We Seek a Society with Equity and Justice for All.
  • We Seek Communities where every person’s potential can be fulfilled.
  • We Seek An Earth Restored.

What We Do

Support PYM FCNL Monthly Meeting Contacts:

  • Coordinate in district lobbying on FCNL priorities;
  • Engage Friends in strategic policy initiatives;
  • Mentor Young Adult Friends interested in policy witness

Who We Are

  • Nine PYM Nominated Representatives – serve on the FCNL General Committee meeting each November for Governance.
  • Monthly Meeting Contacts – We strive to have a Contact in every PYM Monthly meeting to share news, request assistance, and encourage action on specific, timely pieces of legislation. LINK to page with pics and brief text about the work and “read more” LINK to FCNL webpage supporting contacts.
  • Rapid Response Team – a group of PYM Friends who engage Monthly Meeting Contacts for particularly timely actions.
  • All PYM Friends – all of us who write Letters to the Editor, contact our elected officials through emails and letters, and visit our representatives face to face.

When We Meet

We meet at PYM Annual Sessions, FCNL Annual Meeting (in November) and 4–5 conference calls annually.

Check the FCNL website, fcnl.org, for timely legislative updates and action alerts. Sign up with FCNL for Action Emails and Alerts.

Plan to attend an FCNL, Washington DC Lobby event:

  • The Annual Public Policy Institute – a 2-day lobby focus each November, see details in Current News below.
  • The Young Adult Spring Lobby Weekend – each March, see details in Current Events below.

Contact us, the PYM Legislative Policy Collaborative, to find out who your MM Contact is, to become a Contact yourself, or to ask for a lobbying workshop for your Monthly Meeting and to share with us what your Meeting is doing.