Did you know NFL Quarterback Matt Ryan attended a Quaker school?

Friends and Education

The New York Times recently published an article about how Super Bowl Quarterback Matt Ryan was affected by attending William Penn Charter School, one of 40 Quaker Schools in the PYM Region. Matt Ryan’s Quaker roots have gained more attention as his Atlanta Falcons have made their way through the NFL Playoffs.

“We did not know this beforehand, but the environment at Penn Charter helped shape Matt in permanent ways,” said his father, Mike Ryan. “You don’t have to be a Quaker for the Quaker practices and beliefs to make sense. It’s a good way to live.”

For one thing, the very notion of a standout athlete seems paradoxical here, since a central Quaker principle is the belief that no individual matters more than the community. The school’s ethos discourages self-aggrandizement or drawing attention to oneself, and Ryan remains one of the most low-key superstars in the league.

The in-depth article highlights the unique ways that a Quaker education can shape the whole person, but from an angle not often seen: the experience of a competitive student-athlete who went on to become an NFL star.

Read the full New York Times article to get the whole story.