Quakers & Prayer

For many Quakers, prayer is part of our individual lives as well as part of meeting for worship.


Prayer is simply a conversation or contact with God where we open ourselves to the Divine presence.  This can take different forms.  Quakers may pray silently.  We may formulate words or an image or just be.  It is important that we listen for what God may have to say to us.  Some Quakers also use set prayers from the Bible or other spiritual writings when they pray.

Quaker grace

Before meals, Quakers typically have a silent grace or a moment of silent thankfulness for the meal and for each other.  The group often holds hands during grace.

Holding in the Light

During or after worship, a Friend may ask the group to hold someone in the Light.  The person may be sick, dealing with difficult life circumstances, struggling spiritually, working to serve others or setting out on a new path in the world.

To hold a person in the Light, imagine them being held in God’s loving presence and offer prayers and love for them. Holding an individual or a group of people in the Light is often part of our practice of prayer.

This information has been adapted from the Friends General Conference Quaker Quest program.