Intergenerational Spiritual Formation Program Announced

Annual Sessions

The Spiritual Formation Program Working Group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has offered Spiritual Formation Programs for over 15 years and has helped many people seeking a deeper spiritual journey within our faith community.

At this time we are pleased to announce the Intergenerational Spiritual Formation Program, a new program that will focus more closely on the spiritual needs and journeys of Young Adult Friends. This program grew out of conversations among members of the Spiritual Formation Program Working Group, Young Adult Friends and the Young Adult Friends Coordinator earlier this year. Through additional meetings, conversations and a survey, we learned about the unique needs of Young Adult Friends and what started as an idea to involve Young Adult Friends eventually became what we now call the Intergenerational Spiritual Formation Program.

Why the title “Intergenerational” Spiritual Formation?” Many Young Adult Friends have spoken of their yearning for inclusion. They did not wish to have a program separate from other adult Friends but rather a program that takes into consideration their needs, such as time constraints. Frankly, this warmed the hearts of older adult Friends. We were overjoyed that Young Adult Friends, first and foremost want to deepen their spiritual journeys and, secondly, want to do so with older adult Friends.

The elements of Spiritual Formation include retreats, personal spiritual disciplines, readings, devotional groups and prayerful support. We look forward to joining with our young adults in worship, practice and witness to the Eternal in our lives.

If you are a Young Adult Friend we hope you will join us on your journey to deepen your spirituality. If you are an older adult Friend we hope you will consider this to be your invitation to deepen your spiritual journey in companionship with Young Adult Friends.

To learn more about the Spiritual Formation Program please see our website at Or, better yet, find out more about the Intergenerational Spiritual Formation Program (and register) at