Ideas For Alternative Fundraising


Ideas from the International Outreach Granting Group.

Recently, reduced income, increased expenses and added demand on International Outreach Granting Group funds has, unfortunately, dampened our ability to help Friends in their travel missions. In light of this, IOGG Friends offer the following as alternative/additional sources of funds. This is not a definitive list and we welcome suggestions at In conducting you own research you may find online search engines such as Google, SimilarSites, or Bing useful in finding other resources.  The computer cognizant may also want to experiment with the old  “http::related::” command which may give additional results.

Sources of funding for Quakers traveling

•    Susan Bax Memorial Fund (PDF) – from FWCC for women traveling in the Ministry.

•    The Pemberton Granting Group – for PYM members traveling under religious concern or on behalf of PYM.

Grassroots Fundraising

Sell products:

  • Products offered by companies working with schools and clubs
  • Local specialties/favorite food items
  • Fair trade chocolate
  • Items from the country where you will be traveling

Hold an event:

  • Spring or Fall Fair
  • Pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner
  • Babysitting
  • Car wash
  • Yard sale
  • Bake sale

Request contributions:

  • Christmas and birthday gifts
  • Meeting, church or other place of worship
  • Organizations in which you are active
  • Hold a party and give a brief presentation about your trip

Further thoughts on grassroots fundraising:

Use the Internet


Publicize  your project through your Facebook or other social media sites, such as Crowdrise – a crowd-sourced community of volunteers and online fundraisers.

Professional Resources

The Foundation Center at The Philadelphia Free Library, 19th & Vine, Philadelphia, PA

The Foundation Center offers information about thousands of foundations. Grant writing is a professional activity and you need to find a precise fit between your needs and the mandate of any particular foundation. The Philadelphia Free Library is open to everybody, their computers are on-line and their staff members are most helpful.  If you live in another community, your library may be able to provide similar information.

Courses in fundraising from foundations are available at La Salle University, Philadelphia PA and other educational institutions.

Charity Navigator

The Charity Navigator reviews thousands of non-profit organizations.  Type in the name of a charity interested in your issue, country or region, and see if they list organizations with similar interests.

Business Related Possibilities

Choosing Between Making Money and Doing What You Love” from the the Harvard Business Review

Crowd funding   — We have not tested these approaches but they have been set up for a wide variety of purposes: Kickstarter, for example helps promote small businesses and Neighborly is oriented around community projects. Hunt the Web for possibilities which may match your needs. Crowd Funding is a relatively new way for small businesses etc. to get off the ground. It’s up to you to read the small print but the methodology may have broader application and we would love to hear of success stories related to what we do at IOGG. We checked a couple of Kickstarter businesses and saw contributions mostly between $15-100 associated with various rewards. Suggested “rewards” for IOGG travelers to offer donors could include photos, videos, 1st Day School, Sunday School at other churches etc. but each trip is unique and we are sure imaginative travelers will think up more interesting ideas.

Remember to thank your donors:
• ALWAYS send a thank you note as quickly as possible.
• Send each donor or supporter a postcard, letter, or email while still on your trip.
• Blog about your experiences.
• Send a report about your trip (1-4 pages) – include one or more photos and another expression of thanks for the donor’s support.
• Transform your trip report into an article for your Meeting or organizational newsletter.
• Ask your donors to arrange for you to give presentations about the issue or topic at the heart of your trip.

Your presentation should include some photos, crafts or other items to explain the local culture or situation. Describe how the trip affected you personally as well as your understanding of the world or topic. Offer suggestions such as what audience members can to do assist with or learn more about the issue at the heart of your trip.

Please provide feedback. The information here is the best we know but things change quickly and we would like to keep this resource as useful as possible. Please bring suggestions, errors and omissions to our attention via email at