Host a Religious Education Listening Circle

Religious Education

We invite Friends who hold a sense of stewardship for the faith formation of Quaker children to join with us.  We are Friends with deep ties to Quaker Religious Education from four Yearly Meetings (including PYM) who are feeling moved to invite others to join them in a Quaker religious education community of practice. We are calling it a Quaker RE Collaborative (QREC).

As we come into this work together, we are in discernment about what kind of organization and formal structure will best meet our needs.  The first step for us is taking stock of our work and our community. We invite you to host a Listening Circle.

How to Host a Listening Circle

  1.  Build a Listening Circle with three to five Friends who share this concern and passion. Add in a Friend from a different meeting as you are able so that your conversation has the freshness of an unfamiliar voice.
  2. Spend 60-75 minutes in prayerful, intentional conversation around two questions:
    • What gives you hope about your Quaker Religious Education work in your meeting, home, or Friends school?
    • Where do you find areas of struggle and challenge in this work?
  3. Please take some notes recording the richness of what rises.
  4. Send Listening Circle notes and contact information to Melinda Wenner Bradley at
  5. We hope to empower connections within our community by gathering contact information, if Friends are comfortable sharing their names, emails, phone numbers, and street addresses.

Our plan is to summarize the reports and return that back to participants. We hope to hear from any of you who can hold a Listening Circle before August 15th – so we hear of your experience before our  first meeting (to which you are invited! August 17-18 at Pendle Hill), but we’d love to have your feedback at any time. Ultimately, we hope to develop an online “gathering place” where Friends who are led to grapple with a particular challenge or craft a specific curriculum will find each other and thus build a team even across the miles. A special section on the New England Yearly Meeting website will hold information about the Collaborative to give us an initial online presence.