Helping Aging Friends


My favorite story from the Aging Granting Group is of the elderly Friend who applied a few years ago for money to add a deck to her home. She was wheelchair-bound and had no way to be outside without using a steep ramp to get to the gravel drive. So, we made the grant from the Albertson Fund, which is restricted for assisting elderly members to stay in their own homes. She served as her own general contractor, hired a local contractor who got the materials, built the deck, and then she sent a “thank you” message to the group with a picture of herself waving to us from her wheelchair on the new deck. We could see her smiling in that picture. In her own home, fiercely independent, needing a little (in most people’s terms) help to have a way to be out of doors comfortably. The Aging Granting Group was there. That is what it is all about.

— Susan White of Princeton Meeting, Aging Granting Group Clerk