Hannah Mayer’s Next Steps

Employment, Friends Who Care For Youth, Religious Education, Young Friends

Dearest Friends:

I write to make sure that you are aware that Hannah Mayer, our Young Friends Coordinator and Youth & Young Adult Programs (Y&YAP) Team Leader, has accepted a position at Lansdowne Friends School as a Physical Education and Quakerism Teacher. She begins in early September and so will remain with PYM  through Annual Sessions. Her last day as our Young Friends Coordinator and Y&YAP Team Leader will be August 2, 2017. However, Hannah will remain on PYM staff, as she recently accepted the position of Young Friends Program Facilitator. In this role Hannah will rarely be in the office. The majority of her staff time will be spent running the Young Friends programs on site.

In her note to Young Friends announcing her next step, Hannah quoted the Lyrics from “Dear Friends”, which is a Quaker hymn. It is usually sung in a round and goes:

Dear friend, dear friend,
Let me tell you how I feel.
You have given me such treasures.
I love you so.

To me, and among other things, this song is about how we change each other. It is certainly the case that Hannah has changed me, and she has had an equally important impact, I know, on the many in our community who have worked closely with her.

I have very much appreciated Hannah’s leadership and her sincere and earnest advocacy for our young people. She has taught me many things and brought joy to my life through our supervision work. Her patient attention to Spirit as it moves through our young people and ability to capture and respond to it is a gift our world deeply needs. This is why I am excited that she will continue bringing it at Lansdowne Friends School and to PYM Young Friends as their Program Facilitator.

There will be opportunities to celebrate Hannah’s work with PYM over more than seven years at the upcoming Annual Sessions.

Until then and with love,
Zachary T. Dutton
Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life