Greenleaf Granting Group Highlights Caring, Compassion, Confidentiality, Respect

Aging Services, Grants, Pastoral Care Support

Over $1.7 million in needs-based financial assistance from the Greenleaf Fund has now been allocated to qualifying older members and attenders of monthly meetings in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The Greenleaf Granting Group recognizes that how they accomplish this is even more important than how much has been granted. They have issued a clear statement of the values their grants are meant to embody, hoping the statement will help aging Friends feel comfortable asking for help when they are in need. The statement is also intended to guide the Greenleaf Granting Group’s own work now and in the future.

Friends interested in applying for Greenleaf Grants, and Care Committees seeking help for aging members in need are encouraged to contact PYM Care and Aging Coordinator George Schaefer at 215-241-7068 or and visit our website at

Photo above: The former Greenleaf Boarding Home in Moorestown, NJ

Greenleaf Fund Statement of Values

The ministry of the Greenleaf Granting Group is guided by the values that guided the founding and operation of the former Greenleaf Boarding Home for more than a century: caring, compassion, confidentiality and respect for all residents of the home.

The creation of the Greenleaf Fund at the Yearly Meeting has enabled this ministry to expand beyond helping older Friends live in a safe and comfortable home where their dignity and integrity are recognized and respected. Today, the ministry serves older Friends burdened by housing needs, illness, infirmity, or insufficient income to meet other basic needs.

The values guiding this expanded ministry are the same: caring, compassion, confidentiality, and respect for all who seek grants. Personal information provided by applicants is held in strict confidence.