Grants Witness

Making a Difference: PYM’s grant funds, contributed over the past two centuries,  provide the opportunity for witness, stewardship and service today!

Our grants turn worldly treasure into the channel of universal love, furthering Friends Testimonies, strengthening Quaker institutions and assisting those in need. Grant makers allocate resources after careful discernment of their potential for transformation in the world.

Granting groups allocate their funds thoughtfully. They also create value beyond the dollars in many ways: by strengthening connections between members and their Meetings, growing Quaker community and institutions, and sharing the knowledge gained by making grants.

Service on a granting group in itself is a profound experience.  Over 100 PYM members serve on our granting groups. Fulfilling our donor’s purposes with care and creativity, their grants interpret the donor’s vision for the modern world.

Grants Scope

The pie chart shows our program areas, which are determined by our donors’ restrictions.  Grants income budgeted for 2014-15 totals over $1,220,000.

PYM Donors’ Purposes: based on the portion of principal restricted for each purpose

Specific Friends Concerns include: Indian Committee, Alcohol & Drug Concerns, Family Planning, and Willits Book Trust.