Forms and Guidelines

Available below are guidelines and application forms for PYM’s granting groups. Some groups have only a form, some groups have only a set of guidelines to follow; other groups have both, to be used in conjunction. Always read the guidelines first!

All files are presented as PDFs, and can be viewed online in most web browsers, or downloaded to your computer. You may need to download the form in order to fill it out; if you open the form as another page in your web browser, you may not be able to save the information you entered. Many of the forms, but not all, can be filled out electronically; some that can be filled out electronically must still be submitted in hard copy — check the guidelines of the granting group to which you are applying to be sure you understand the application instructions.

Quaker Grant Makers Common Form

Please note the the Common Form contains four separate financial forms, each for a different type of organization; every applicant should fill out the one form that best fits their organization.

Emergency Grants

Emergency Fund Guidelines (PDF)

  • No additional form required.

Indian Committee

Indian Committee Guidelines and Form

Please visit the Indian Committee website for information and forms.

Meeting House Trusts

In July 2016, stewardship of the funds granted by the Meeting House Trusts Granting Group transferred to the newly-formed Quaker Buildings and Programs Granting Group. Prospective grantees should consult that group’s page for application information; past grantees should direct reports and correspondence to the new group.

Quaker Buildings & Programs Granting Group

Updated April 2017: Clarification to documentation requirement –  organizations that are covered under PYM’s group tax-exemption policy need not provide documentation of that coverage to the Granting Group.

In addition to the Guidelines, please be sure to download a copy of the Quaker Grantmaker Common Form, available at the top of this page.