Grants Resources

This is the web version of the Friends Funding Directory, an expression of  Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s ongoing commitment to transparent grant making. We encourage other Quaker funds to join us in this effort, and are grateful that many have done so.

The directory is intended to serve as a resource for the members, Meetings, and other constituent organizations of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting that seek financial support for their projects and needs.

The section on other Quaker funds lists additional Quaker sources, and other funders in our region who might support well established projects or major new initiatives that meet broad social needs and require more support than is available from Quaker funds.

Advice to Grant Seekers

Check before you apply

Grant fund information changes rapidly. Applicants for PYM grants should always check current deadlines on this website and download current guidelines and application forms.  For non-PYM funds, confirm deadlines and current guidelines and forms with the contacts listed in the directory before applying.

Read the guidelines carefully before you begin

Are you eligible to apply? Does your project or need fall within the funder’s purposes and program areas? Does it align with their mission? If you are not sure, have a conversation with their contact person. If the answer is no, your time and effort would be better spent in finding another source.

Make your case

Your application or proposal needs to make it clear why the funding is needed, how it will be used, what difference it will make and why that matters.  Make sure that someone who is unfamiliar with the project or need will find these answers by reading what you have written.

Provide all required information in the format requested

If a funder asks for information, they need it in order to reach a decision. It will likely indicate whether your project or need falls within the scope of restricted funds, or aligns with funding priorities. Don’t make it hard to find! If a question does not apply to your project, say so briefly. Most grant makers appreciate straightforward answers. Avoid repeating yourself.

Ask for a specific amount of money

Grant makers want to know up front how much money you need.  They need to know that your request is within the scope of their funds, and that you will steward the money well. There’s no advantage to hiding your request at the end – or asking for more or less than you need.  When a funder requires evidence of broad support from your  stakeholders and community, be sure to demonstrate other sources of funding and in-kind support.

Other sources

  • Check with your Monthly and Quarterly Meeting first. Many funds held by Meetings for the sole use of their own projects and members are not listed here.
  • Find our listings for other Quaker Funds and Non-Quaker Funds that might support Friends’ projects and needs.
  • Research additional sources at the Regional Foundation Center in Philadelphia, on the web or by phone at 215-686-5423.