Richard Humphreys Fund

Funds scholarships to attend Cheyney University.


Toni Sharp, Clerk
510 E. Durham Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119
PHONE: 215-247-6713
FAX: 610-642-6983


Sole purpose is to fund scholarships for students at Cheyney University.

PURPOSE: For African Americans to pursue educational training.


Students are recommended by Cheyney before the beginning of each school year, after writing letters of application and submitting FFA forms to the University.

1) Incoming first-year students at Cheyney college with a GPA of 3.0 and the intention of being an education major.

2) Quaker schools who have a first year intern teacher who is African-American.

3) Friends organizations other than Friends schools may submit proposals if intent for use involves educating African Americans.

For intern grants, a letter of proposal explaining background/experience of intern and how the school proposes to use the funds. For Cheyney Scholarships, Cheyney students are recommended by Cheyney before the beginning of each new school year based on academic and financial guidelines.

Deadline: Submit proposals between March 1 and May 1 of each year.


Committee members appointed by Humphreys Fund Distribution Committee with approval of Friends Fiduciary Corporation. Penny Goulding, Tim James,, Deborah Saunders, Toni Sharp (Clerk), Terry Nance, and James Saxon. Term Length: Not specified.


By will of Richard Humphreys to instruct students of color in the field of education; to provide a school where these students could learn. 1832 – Original will set up committee to start an institution for the education of descendents of the African race (Cheyney Normal School). 1921- State of Pennsylvania purchased Cheyney; the Quaker Board incorporated itself into the Richard Humphreys Foundation. 1981- Richard Humphreys Fund merged with Fiduciary Corporation of PYM.