Membership Development Support Fund

The Membership Development Support Fund was established in 1997 as a 5-year experiment (1997-2002), to support projects designed to enhance the visibility and outreach of Monthly Meetings and to bring new members to the Religious Society of Friends.

PRINCIPAL: No endowment; structured fund principal: $13,783 (FY2012).
ANNUAL INCOME: $492 (FY2012).
GRANT SIZE: $50 to $5,000

Grants are made directly from a portion of the unrestricted bequests left each year to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and not from income on investments. These gifts are used to increase and strengthen membership, so that the Society of Friends will remain vital well beyond the donor’s lifetimes and our own.

MSDF supports one year projects developed by PYM Meetings to strengthen and increase membership. The fund can support projects to:

1. Enhance the visibility and outreach of Monthly Meetings in their communities.
2. Attract new people to attend Meeting for Worship.
3. Increase engagement of members and attendees in the Meeting community.
4. Strengthen and increase membership in Monthly Meetings.