Membership Development Granting Group

Monthly and Quarterly Meetings of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

Projects that strengthen and increase membership.

Consult the PYM Grants Forms & Guidelines page for copies of the MDSF Application Form and Guidelines.  Only PYM Monthly and Quarterly Meeting are eligible.

  • No individuals or organizations other than PYM meetings may apply.
  • No new grants are considered to Meetings before reporting requirements for prior grants are fulfilled.
  • Membership Development will not fund projects that have already been completed.
  • Proposals must be received at least two months before the START of a project.
  • Proposals are expected to address a concern arising from the Meeting for outreach and membership development.
  • A minute from the Meeting is required approving applications to this Fund for the specific project and amount.
  • Meetings that apply must commit some of their own funds to the project they propose.
  • Please plan to meet the deadline AT LEAST 2 MONTHS before your project is due to begin.

Requests up to $500 can use the MDSF Short Form*, and are considered monthly from September through June. Requests over $500 are considered four times per year and must use the MDSF Long Form.*


1st of September, December, February, and May for requests over $500.

1st of the month September through June for requests of $500 or less.

*These forms can now be filled out electronically and submitted by e-mail.

Appointed by PYM Granting Committee. Term length: 3 years. Tom Peterson (Clerk), Gail Fountaine, Paul Indorf, Gordon Lewis, J. Kenneth Park, Kellie Schlussel-Edens. Carol Walz (staff); Ex Officio: Christie Duncan-Tessmer, General Secretary; Zachary Dutton, Associate Secretary for Program & Religious Life.