Emergency Grants

The Emergency Fund provides quick help to PYM members in acute financial needed, funded by grants from the John Martin Trust.


Clerks of PYM Meetings or Clerks of Care, Counsel, and Overseers committees should consult the Emergency Fund Information Sheet  for details. Requests must be made by Clerks of Meetings or Clerks of Overseers, who are responsible for determining that the need is real. Requests are handled quickly and confidentially by the General Secretary. Clerks requesting funds should call the Director of Grant Making at 215-241-7201, and follow up phone contact with a brief and concise letter of request describing the need and individuals involved. Individuals cannot apply and beneficiaries must be PYM members. There are no deadlines — applications are processed as they are received.

Contact Information

Carol Walz
Director of Grant Making
(215) 241-7201


The Emergency Fund does not have a committee; decisions are made by the General Secretary of PYM and handled quickly and confidentially. Reports are made periodically to the John Martin Trust summarizing use of grants and listing Meetings requesting them without naming individual recipients.


The Emergency Fund was established in 1999 at the suggestion of the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia, acting on behalf of the John Martin Trust in order “to supplement the assistance of Meetings [to their members], not supplant it.”


The Emergency Fund supports quick, one-time grants of up to $1,500 to assist members of PYM Meetings in meeting basic needs (including but not limited to housing, food, employment, and medical difficulties) during times of personal financial crisis. The Fund cannot support ongoing grants or non-crisis assistance.