The Grandom Institution provides heating assistance and project grants to reduce the heating costs of low-income households in the Philadelphia area.


William Cozzens
447 East Mount Pleasant
Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19119



Any institution that delivers heat in winter to the poor in the Philadelphia area.


Heating assistance. See new priorities in Request for Proposals document, at link above.


Apply by June 1, each year, using current year’s application form. Grants are disbursed at the end of December.


Donor(s): Hartt Grandom. Fund was established by will of Hartt Grandom in 1842 “to be an annual permanent fund to alleviate the most prudent of the poor (but not the intemperate) in procuring fuel, clothing and other necessities, which such persons want in winter.” There were mergers with other non-profits, including the Fuel Savings Society of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, the William Keinath Free Coal Endowment, and several individual bequests for fuel assistance.  The earliest component of the Grandom Institution was established in 1818. Original donors of funds in most cases were Quakers.


See Request for Proposals for new funding priorities.  Funding is for any institution that directly supplies heat to the poor in the Philadelphia area, with priority given to Northwest Philadelphia, but extending as far as neighboring areas of Montgomery County, PA. Preferred: Community centers that maintain computerized control of beneficiary data, use of funds and assessment of what beneficiary does to control heating costs. The Grandom Institution discourages applications from organizations requiring large administrative fees.