Committee on Friends Education

What We Do

The Committee on Friends Education Granting Group makes grants in support of educational priorities. Some of these grants are made to PYM Member students in PYM-area Friends Schools; some grants are made to students in Small Friends Schools; some grants are made to PYM Members for post-secondary education; and other grants are made to teachers and Friends Schools directly.

Who We Are

Grace Cook (Clerk), Syndey Coffin, Lynn Oberfield, Deborra Sines Pancoe, Robert Sloan, Luke Van Meter, John McKinstry, Karyn Payton, Stephanie Judson, Drew Smith, Melinda Wenner-Bradley.


Zachary Dutton
Associate Secretary for Programs and Religious Life

How We Work

PYM members with children in PYM Friends Schools and PYM members attending college or graduate school, can each apply for grants for tuition aid. The Granting Group contacts other eligible grantees directly for the following funds:

  • Friends Elementary School Special Programs Grant Fund
  • Sergei Thomas and Haley Yarmark Fund
  • Teacher’s Retirement Fund
  • Tuition Aid for Non-Friends In Small Philadelphia Schools