Philadelphia Yearly Meeting makes over 400 grants every year to individuals, Meetings, and non-profit organizations. Grants are made from income from restricted bequests and Trusts given to our Yearly Meeting by generous donors since 1795.

Welcome to Grants

PYM’s grants fulfill our donors’ requirements, honor their vision, and seek, on behalf of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, to address contemporary needs and to make a significant difference today. We strive to make our process  transparent, fair, ethical and effective.

For over 200 years, PYM’s ministry of giving money away well has transformed lives, furthered Friends Testimonies, and helped Quaker organizations to establish themselves,  and to thrive, in our area and throughout the world. It continues to advance our Yearly Meeting’s Priorities.

  • Spiritual Growth and Renewal
  • Caring for Our Community
  • Witnessing Our Faith
  • Making Ourselves Known


We have Granting Groups! These groups invite proposals and carefully consider applications. They publish guidelines which help grant seekers to understand the scope and purposes of their grants and the criteria and priorities they use for discernment and decision making.

Granting group members share their areas of expertise and experience through service on a  group. They are appointed by PYM’s Granting Committee. Membership changes over time. These Friends distribute grants on behalf of all of  Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s members!