Vision and Mission

We envision a vital and growing Philadelphia Yearly Meeting—a faith community committed to deepening spiritually, welcoming newcomers, building supportive and inclusive community, and providing loving service and faithful witness to the world.

Who we are and what we seek

We are a regional community of visible, welcoming, vibrant, multigenerational meetings and worship groups united by shared understanding and shared practices described in our book of Faith and Practice. We are grounded in our meetings for worship with silent and vocal ministry, reflecting our yearning for and direct experience of the Divine. Individually and as meetings, we witness to the transforming power of love and respond to leadings of the Spirit with joy in word and deed. We live into our testimonies and work for a world where justice and peace prevail. Our organizational structures are simple so that our primary bond may be to God. Beyond our local worship communities, members and attenders participate in wider Quaker acquaintance, work, and witness, where we grow and learn and share inspiration. Yearly meeting sessions and other gatherings are thoughtfully planned spiritual opportunities, which strengthen monthly and quarterly meetings as information is shared, as leadings are tested, and as matters of common concern are advanced. As an organization established and supported by its constituent meetings, PYM employs staff and engages volunteers to manage our financial resources and property with transparency and integrity, and develops programs to encourage and assist meetings.