Member Job Description

All members of the Nominating Council will:

  1. Obtain lists of members in their quarter, and become knowledgeable about the skills and interests of Friends in their quarterly meetings.
  2. Stay informed about PYM matters and understand the scope of activity and work of the yearly meeting community. They shall:
    1. Strive to be informed and maintain a presence throughout the yearly meeting. They should identify themselves as they attend other monthly, quarterly, and yearly meeting events.
    2. Attend and report to annual and continuing sessions.
    3. Read PYM communications and review and generate stories and information on the website on a monthly basis.
  3. Attend as many meetings as possible in person, and if unable to meet in person, attend electronically.
  4. Hold the business of the council in the strictest confidence. There are times when Friends must speak frankly about their experiences with potential nominees. Confidentiality facilitates frankness and allows the council to deliberate wisely.
  5. Not query a potential nominee for a specific position without the council’s approval. This practice avoids awkwardness should the council decide not to move forward with the nomination.