Member Job Description

Position Summary

With divine assistance and in relationship with other council members, Friends on the Administrative Council maintain the health and integrity of the finances, property, personnel and long-term vision of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM). They watch over PYM finances, including investments, audits, grants, development, and preparation of the PYM budget. Council members work together to provide direction, make decisions, create, nurture, and lay down substructures. They shall ensure that resources are well managed in a sustainable manner.

Key Responsibilities

  1. With other council members, oversee the administrative affairs of PYM property, personnel, grants, and finances, including the budget, investments, and development.
  2. Stay informed about PYM matters and understand the scope of activity and work of the yearly meeting community. They should
    1. Strive to be informed and maintain a presence throughout the yearly meeting. They should identify themselves as they attend other monthly, quarterly, and yearly meeting events.
    2. Attend and report to annual sessions and continuing sessions.
    3. Read PYM communications, and review and generate stories and information on the website on a monthly basis.
  3. Review and supervise the committees and other bodies under the Administrative Council’s charge. Maintain intimate awareness of and provide encouragement, direction, and oversight to all the substructures (such as committees, collaboratives, sprints, etc.) that are assigned.
  4. Attend as many meetings as possible in person, and if unable to meet in person, to attend electronically.
  5. Be willing to serve on committees or task forces and taking on special assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time. Prepare well for meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports.
  6. Articulate the mission, strategic directions, and activities of the Administrative Council.
  7. Other duties as assigned.


Members will:

  1. Be an active Friend who is experienced with Friends meetings, active in a PYM meeting or local community of Friends, and be a member of a Monthly Meeting.
  2. Know Quaker principles and practice.
  3. Maintain an active and grounded spiritual life and have the ability to articulate their ministry of administration.
  4. Have experience relevant to the work of the council. These are the areas of expertise needed by some in the council:
    • The law and legal processes;
    • Accounting and finance;
    • Personnel;
    • Property;
    • Fostering deep spiritual connection and experience.
  5. Understand the greater strategic directions of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.
  6. Have strong organizational skills, including record keeping and ability to meet deadlines.
  7. Have strong communication skills, and be able to communicate complex administrative information clearly and with joy.
  8. Have comfort with basic electronic communications.
  9. Have an ability to share their perspective.
  10. Be willing to travel to monthly meetings, council meetings, and events.
  11. Demonstrate an ability to deal with healthy conflict and to collaborate with others.
  12. Be able to make hard decisions, to say “no” when necessary.
  13. Understand the roles, responsibilities, and authorities as defined within PYM and as defined by relevant laws, regulations, standards, and nonprofit best practices.