Scope: Authority, Responsibilities, and Accountability

Staff and Friends working with staff on activities within a thread will identify and enact ways in which relationships may be fostered within the yearly meeting.

Sprints that are relevant to a thread may be organized with the authority of the Quaker Life Council. In the event that they do, the council is responsible for ensuring the sprints report back on their projects and that the sprints are meeting their responsibilities. Sprints which are not meeting their responsibilities may be laid down by the council.

Thread activities have a responsibility to be open and welcoming to all Friends interested in participating in their work and to foster relationships and discussion within their theme. Each year, a minimum of the following will be offered for each thread:

  • hosting at least one “scheduled event” (gathering, webinar, conference call, etc.) per year.
  • stewarding at least one active, ongoing way of sharing stories, experiences and resources.

Threads are in the care of the Quaker Life Council which provides support and direction. The Council will hold each thread accountable through an annual review process, for which the council is responsible, ensuring that the threads are meeting their responsibilities and functioning to their greatest possible strengths. The council determines whether or not the thread is still vital and viable for continuation. The council has the authority to lay threads down.