Threads weave our yearly meeting community together by gathering people around common themes. Common threads of concern run through all our monthly meetings. Some examples include: deepening worship and connection to Spirit; providing care to members; stewarding finances and maintaining property; and engaging in social witness. In a meeting community, these threads weave together to support the faith, practice, and witness of that meeting. When we bring the threads together across our meetings, we create the fabric of our religious society.

Within a thread, people may gather and communicate or build a network, share or create resources, engage in activities, or create informational publications. It is expected that every thread will execute at least one event per year, whether that’s a half-day or day-long Thread Gathering at a meetinghouse, a conference call, a webinar, or another type of event.

Examples of threads include: Worship & Ministry, Pastoral Care, Religious Education, Financial Stewardship, Outreach and Communications.

The threads are organized by staff in collaboration with Friends in the yearly meeting. They are in the care of the Quaker Life Council and the staff contact is the Associate Secretary for Program & Religious Life.