Scope: Authority, Responsibilities, and Accountability

Sprints do not have authority on their own – their authority falls within the parameters of the authority of their sponsoring structure and any additional parameters identified by the sponsoring structure. The work of sprints is not guaranteed to be accepted and used by the yearly meeting and its structures. In the event that a sprint results in a finished product that it wants to publicize, publish, or manifest in some other way, a process will be determined with the sponsoring structure which has the authority for carrying it forward.

Sprints are responsible for:

  • Finding a structure or substructure which will take it under its care and responsibility. Sprints formed by a council or substructure are under its care.
  • Identifying goals and a timeline prior to launching.
  • Identifying a member of the sprint who will serve as the direct contact with the sponsoring structure.
  • Completing their stated project within or nearly within the timeframe and for staying in contact with their sponsoring structure about their progress.
  • Preparing communications about the progress, achievements, discoveries, and concerns of their work so that others in the yearly meeting community can be aware of it.
  • Doing their work in a way that is in alignment with the seventh strategic direction with attention to work in the Sprint itself and its impact in the wider community.

Sprints are held accountable by the structure or substructure which launched it or agreed to provide care and supervision for it. In the event that a sprint is struggling, needs support or needs to be laid down the structure that has care for it is responsible for providing those steps.