Scope: Authority, Responsibilities, and Accountability

Resource Friends have the authority to respond to constituent referral requests to the best of their ability and gifts. They have the authority to respond and interact independently without having their actions approved by others.

Resource Friends may respond to inquiries of constituents, and follow through on information and referral to meet any given need within parameters established by the councils.

Resource Friends may receive compensation when the referral and the service provided fall within the standard compensation parameters established by the council and with its approval. Compensation is provided by the constituency served by the Resource Friend.

Resource Friends have the authority to decline a request to serve. In fact, it is their responsibility to decline if they do not have sufficient time, internal resources, experience, or skill to respond to the inquiry.

Resource Friends have a responsibility to be open and welcoming to all Friends. In addition, they are responsible for:

  • Immediately informing the Associate Secretary for Program & Religious Life when they respond to a request from a constituency without a referral through the PYM office. They must inform the Associate Secretary who contacted them and the general nature of the referral.
  • Maintaining confidentiality.
  • Submitting a report at the end of each referral, describing the referral, the general response, the process, and any fees. The report will also include an evaluation of the effectiveness of the process. In the event that a referral is a long-term process, the council may request periodic updates.
  • Providing a written annual report on the work that they have done and reflections on the process.
  • Immediately sharing with the council contact and the Associate Secretary for Program & Religious Life any incident or information that may have a significant effect on the constituency or the larger community. Anything that might affect the broader community’s experience of that constituency or the yearly meeting, or that might affect safety, fundraising, or reputation must be reported.
  • Being available to respond when called upon. If it seems an identified Resource Friend is never or rarely available, the council may choose to retire that Friend from the rotation.
  • Doing their work in a way that is in alignment with the seventh strategic direction with attention to each assigned referral as well as its impact in the wider community.

In the event that a payment is arranged, the Associate Secretary needs to be informed. If the payment is through PYM, established standard billing process and fees will be adhered to.

Resource Friends are in the care of the Quaker Life Council, which is responsible for the program, and identifies and evaluates the work of individual Resource Friends. The Quaker Life Council holds Resource Friends accountable for meeting their responsibilities and provides support and care as needed. The Quaker Life Council may release a Resource Friend.